See "How to" below introduction
Create Magazine, Story and Cover Image.
Join creation as an Editor and Cover image contributor
Advertise “Featured items” on every page you create or contribute to.   
Stand alone & together Every item stands alone on search engines. And on the same time can be a part of many other items, visible for a wider audience.
Author and viewers can add “Related items” to every item. And magazine can include items created by various authors. 


How to ? Site functions:


Language / location: upper menu

Multiple choice of interface language
Home page shows items created in the "chosen interface language" only.

Create content / location: upper menu icon

find "Setting icon" on Item's header. click and find: 
"Edit item". Edit item/advance setting - user can disable and hide "related items" and "comments".
"Manage my related" - related items added author and by others - appear on the buttom of item page.
"Add featured" - advertisment by author and contributor. Featured items shown on side column
Create Story
Upload content - text and multimedia.
Item includes "body area" and mutiple "text box" areas seperated from body area
Create Cover image
Image you upload can be used as cover image of any item on site.
You can place a featured iten (= advertisment) on every page of item using your image
Create Magazine
Add stories and images created by you or by others to your magazine.
Magazine First page 8 items are placed by priority you choose – “1” first etc.
If there are more items than available places, then Items will be shown randomly from list. list of “priority 1” first etc.
you can change item priority when you add item and on "Manage Magazine / Manage item page".

Profile & account / location: upper menu icon

My account
edit profile page and account details.
Note: Profile page has a "setting icon" on header. Inside you can edit profile and account details. and also add "featured items" (=advertisment by user) to appear on profile page.

My images & usage
"usage" is a list of items using your image as cover image

My stories

My Magazines

My Forum items
items added by user as "related" to items created by other users ="Related by others".

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Search / location: upper menu icon


Site / location: upper menu - "hamburger" icon

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