Pussy-high Miniskirt

A model tweets and a newest Chinese Craze is born. She only wanted to tell the world about her beloved sugar daddy
Very short skirt



When a Chinese model tweeted that "some little guy" does not want to her to wear "pussy-high miniskirts," it became an Internet meme in China.
It also helped increase the sales of "pussy high miniskirts" for a major shopping website.
Rui Zhou received a lot of attention on her Weibo post, featuring a photo of herself with a supposed high rank sugar daddy, cutting her birthday cake.
Along with the photo, she posted a message that read:
"Thank you for always being in my life. And thank you for squeezing our birthday celebration into your busy schedule. Thank you to calligraphy master for writing for us: 'Forever in love and always close.' Thank you, my friends, for your blessings. I'm so happy to have you all in my life!"
Deeper diggers found her tweet.
E-commerce giant Taobao milked the issue by promoting "pussy high miniskirts" with the tag line "A favorite of sugar daddies."
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& Von Capulong | Weired Asian News


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