An app a day keeps the doctor away

Chinese make a food safety app
watch china times website article about the new app:
The opposite of other services, the China Survival Guide will tell you which restaurants to avoid. (Internet photo)
With food safety a hot topic in China, a website which names problem food products backed up by reliable sources created by a graduate student has recently become extremely popular. Now an application advising how to eat safely in China has become available and has been downloaded more than 200,000 times since its launch, taking the No.1 spot among free apps on Apple's App Store in China, reports our sister newspaper China Times.
The China Survival Guide became available online on May 24, documenting thousands of food scandals in the country. Updated every day, it shows each incident of food safety, the brands involved, where they happened, how serious they were and other related news. Users can search the database by entering a keyword.
The designer of the app, surnamed Fu, said he was concerned about the harm that unsafe food products could cause him and his daughter, recognizing the extent of food safety issues in China. He developed the app in his free time and wanted to offer it as a present to his family, not expecting it would find greater popularity. The app collects information only from reliable sources such as government authorities and from enterprises, not from internet rumors, he added.


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