I phone app: find latest food scandals in China

China survival guide is a new app for us - Now you know immediately what kind of food is poisoning. Only problem - I can't read Chinese

Here is an important article i have found. Now we have to wait for the English version or find a Chinese friend interested in knowing food scandals ahead of other shoppers.
By Bridget O'Donnell on Shanghaiist.com
With thousands of food safety scandals hitting China each year, it can be easy to turn a blind eye to the food you're eating here.
But if "ignorance is bliss" isn't really your thing, well... there's an app for that. The China Survival Guide (中国求生手册), an iPhone app which launched late last month, tracks food scandals across China so you don't have to!
The app, which was developed by Kingsoft Internet Security Software, was downloaded over 200,000 times within a week of launching. It sends out daily updates on the latest scandals and organizes them into categories including health and nutrition, dairy and beverages.
Not to be outdone, a website started by Shanghai grad student Wu Heng last year serves as yet another database for the latest news on China's food scandals. The site, aptly named "Throw it Out the Window" (掷出窗外), was actually praised by officials.
Second photo in my article  source is Shanghaiist.com

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