My office is in my kitchen

Yahoo bans working from home and I get to thinking

Marissa Mayer's baby boy is six month old. she is building a nursery for him next to her office at Yahoo. she is the president and CEO of Yahoo - one of the biggest internet companies in the world.
last week she was the one to decide that none of the company's Thousands employees will be allowed to go on working from home. the fathers and mothers, the employees that live far from the office - all of them will need to get used to the new way of doing things.
the reason is no secret - Yahoo is having financial troubles and this might be the last attempt to change the course of the company.
I am not a Yahoo employee but I have always been working from home - teaching, writing and consulting.
when I heard about this for the first time I remembered a conversation I had with a friend about ten years ago. he didn't get the reason and the way for a career from home, he needed his office, secretary and an atmosphere of "working".
I didn't need all of these - all I needed was my desk and my mind. but the conversation made me realize that my way of living and working, though ideal for me, is not for everyone.
so if the kids, the fridge, the bed and TV is in your way - maybe you really do need an office atmosphere. but I'm quite sure that this is not the same for all of us and for some of Yahoo's people - working from home can be best way to work.
good luck for everyone and remember, finding out where to work can be the first step to find out how to succe



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