A pope in any other name...

what does the new pope name says about him?





Francis - this is the name that the new pope chose to use during his reign. Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio of Argentina is the 266th pope chosen. it is custom that the new pope is asked to tell the Dean of the College of Cardinals in what name he want to be known during his reign and with his answer he is then introduce to the world.
the name Francis is the name of a catholic patron saint. the new pope is sending an important message to the world about his priorities by choosing the name of the saint that gave up his family wealth and prefered a life of poverty and dedication to the church and to his beliefs.
Francis is the first pope to chose this regnal name and this choice got me thinking about the power of a name. there are people that decide to change their given name to a name that suit them more or a name that they believe to have special powers.
"what's in a name?" asked shakespeare in Romeo and Juliet and the world is answering that a name is very significant as a symbol.
the CNN site published five facts about the new pope and this is what they wrote about his name:
 His name says a lot about him. Unlike other recent pontiffs -- John Paul II, Benedict XVI -- Pope Francis doesn't have a numeral after his name. That's because he's the first to take the name Francis.
Why Francis?
The pope wanted to honor St. Francis of Assisi, an admirer of nature and a servant to the poor and destitute.
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St. Francis of Assisi was born the son of a rich cloth merchant. But he lived in rags among beggars at St. Peter's Basilica in Rome.
Talk Back: What kind of spiritual leader will draw people back to organized religion?
Those close to Pope Francis see similarities between the two men.
"Francis of Assisi is ... someone who turned his back on the wealth of his family and the lifestyle he had, and bonded with lepers and the poor," said the Rev. Thomas Rosica, the Vatican's deputy spokesman. "Here's this pope known for his care for AIDS patients and people who are very sick. Who is known for his concern with single mothers whose babies were refused to be baptized by priests in his diocese.
"He scolded those priests last year and said, 'How can you turn these people away when they belong to us? '

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