StoryOnSite Introduction and a short user manual

A professional tool for journalists posted in the Far East, has become a hub for content creators worldwide. was created as a professional tool for journalists in the Far East. To provide writers editors and photographers with the ability to perform all parts of production, in the field, while covering news in a foreign country. Without the need for support by newspaper or TV channel back home.
Today StoryOnSite is a hub for content creators. A single user can easily create and manage stories, cover images and magazines. And on the same time cooperate with other content creators to reach a wider audience. Abilities once belonged only to a newspaper or a TV channel.  
StoryOnSite is the Etsy and Pinterest of content creators. A newspaper simplified into an easy to use web system.

Site is multilingual. Each language has unique homepage to display items created in that language.
A responsive design provides a desktop, tablet and mobile views of site.
Site use is free. Application to join submitted on site. User can join after being approved by chief editor.     

On site you can create three types of content:
Story - designed in the form of a newspaper article. Story includes: Cover image, Headline and sub headline. As well as “Body” and “text boxes” which are areas separated from the story body.
Site offers a wide range of tools for integrating multimedia and text formatting. As well as the option to paste “Word” files.
Cover Image – uploaded to site together with an image description in Headline, and optional Sub Headline and body for detailed description. Cover image is added to image bank.
And other users on site can place the image as a cover image of stories and Magazines they create.
The cover image photographer gets a credit beside his image. And can place promoted items on every page where his image is displayed.
Magazine – where you can place items created by you and by others.
Magazine management system automatically refreshes the order of items on Magazine front page, by item priority set by magazine creator. Saving time usually needed for maintaining a website and blog.
In addition, items are shown as long as they are relevant, not disappear in the site history.
Stand Alone & Together 
Each item, Story Cover image and Magazine, is promoted as a standalone page. You can add to every item a unique “follow area” on social networks. As well as unique header Links, contact and share buttons.
In addition, every page has unique promoted items and linked items.
Profile page is promoted separately on the same way
Site design is also aimed to put item page on front and hide site menu in the back ground.
Advance setting let user maintain an exclusive item or privacy - and disable item from being added to items created by others. As well as hide comments and linked items not to show on page.  
Each item can appear multiple times wherever it is relevant: As a part of magazines, linked and promoted items. Creating a hub where users promote their content separately. And on the same time, help each other reach a wider audience. 

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