World's Tallest Man Has Become A Father

The world's tallest man has been blessed with a little bundle of joy - a newborn son.
Things have been looking up lately for 7-foot-9 Bao Xishun. After years of lonliness, the monumental Mongolian was married in July 2007 to petite shopkeeper Xia Shujian, 5-foot-6.
ThePapNews in the past featured stories about Bao regaining his world's tallest title from Ukranian Leonid Stadnyk and the happy news that his wife was expecting.
"I hope he or she can be about 6-foot-6," Bao said of his future child. "Then he or she can play basketball."
On October 2nd 2008, the proud parents welcomed their son Tianyou into the world.
"I am definitely better off than I was two years ago," Bao beams. "And I've got a son now, so I'm certainly more happy!"
The 57-year-old dad has high hopes for the baby boy's height. The humble goatherder played basketball for China's People's Liberation Army before his extreme size made sudden movements painful.
But Xia, 29, was happy her newborn wasn't too big.
"I was happy Tianyou was normal-sized. If he grows to just 5 feet 10 or 6 feet 2, that's fine with me," she explains.
Bao was normal-sized until he turned 16, when a non-stop growth spurt sent him rocketing skyward.
Bao and Xia, as Mongolians, are exempt from China's one-child policy, but they're not sure if another baby is in their future.
"One is enough," Bao says, curtly.
But Xia adds: "It's still early. We will decide on that later."
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