3-year-old Thai girl attempts DIY nose job with squid shell

3-year-old attempts DIY nose job with squid shell
By Coconuts Bangkokshell.jpgBANGKOK: -- Hoping to achieve the national obsession with pointy-shaped noses, a 3-year-old girl in Buriram province stuffed a squid shell she found on the dinner table up her nose.
The damage was discovered yesterday when the girl’s mother, Nongnapat Krajangsai, shined a light in her daughter’s nose after the child had been suffering from congestion and discovered the shell jammed in her nasal passage.
She used pliers to remove the blood-stained shell, which she believes her daughter must have found at a Jan. 10 house party when they barbecued squid.Full story: http://bangkok.coconuts.co//2015/01/19/3-year-old-attempts-diy-nose-job-squid-shell
-- Coconuts Bangkok 2015-01-19