Japanese man shaming Suvarnabhumi in Thai goes viral

Japanese man shaming Suvarnabhumi in Thai goes viral
By Coconuts Bangkokkiko.jpgBANGKOK: -- Koki Aki is really, really disappointed in his adopted home’s airport, and no one is really disagreeing with him.
The Japanese expat’s detailed report of his miserable experiences at Suvarnabhumi Airport, in which he suggests Thais should be ashamed of their national gateway, has been widely read to a stunning lack of outrage or rebuke.
"I can say Suvarnabhumi Airport is the disgrace of Thailand," he posted online in both Japanese and Thai. "Thai people show terrible service to foreigners at their national airport, the very first entry point to their country."
Aki, who claims to have worked here for over 10 years, listed everything that wrong at the airport, starting with the immigration checkpoint when he stepped off the plane.
"There is a long line at the immigration checkpoint, but the airport did not open the empty counters,” he said. “I ended up waiting 30 minutes."
Sounds like a fast day at BKK immigration, but Aki wasn’t done yet. After that a taxi driver tried to rip him off by demanding THB700 for a ride to Saphan Kwai.
The taxi stand told Aki to get a bigger taxi and gave him a ticket, but instead he asked for the manager. The manager [read more...]Full story: http://bangkok.coconuts.co//2015/01/19/japanese-man-shaming-suvarnabhumi-thai-goes-viral
-- Coconuts Bangkok 2015-01-19

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