Tutoring schools in Thailand to face taxation

Tutoring schools to face taxation20-1-2558-11-02-47-wpcf_728x409.jpgBANGKOK: -- The Office of the Private Education Commission has proposed the government to collect tax from tutoring schools.
Secretary-general to the commission Mr Bundit Siphutthankun said he would press ahead with the tax collection as this would contribute to an improved standard of tutoring schools.
He said now the proposal is pending on tabling on the agenda of the Cabinet meeting today.
He said the commission has already consulted relevant agencies such as the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, Ministry of Commerce and the Office of the Council of State, and they agreed to the proposal.
Under the proposal, the collection rate will be considered by the Ministry of Finance, which will categorise the schools into juristic persons and natural persons.
Collection of tax from the roughly 2,300 tutoring schools nationwide would improve the quality of teaching, he believed.
Source: http://englishnews.thaipbs.or.th/tutoring-schools-face-taxation

-- Thai PBS 2015-01-20